"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

Thursday 27 June 2013


I read with concern on the Facebook about the above. I know that an action of a Nigerian may certainly bring about this inaction of the security agents in Malaysia. The arrest of many Nigerians in Malaysia may be as a result of tip-off but many innocent people are affected in the process of the clamp-down on Nigerians. Many homes are forcefully entered; people injured in the process and at the end of the day over 50 people are due for deportation without trial. What for? Why this kind of unjust treatment on our people? Let our political leaders wake up and improve on amenities, provision of jobs and security of lives and properties at home. Many are pushed out of Nigeria because of these reasons among others.
Though there can be excesses on the part of the authorities and their agencies. I live in Italy and I can tell you what some of our brothers and sisters are doing here and other parts of the world are uncalled for. They are negatively RE_BRANDING us- denting our Nation’s already soiled name. May, I build on Esther Eric statement (one of the contributors) who wrote that: “What they don’t know is that the covenant of prosperity is provoke from ABOVE not ABROAD.” It is a statement of fact, no doubt. Psalm 75:6 says “For exaltation comes neither from the east, Nor from the west nor from the south.” It comes from NORTH-pole pointing to heaven or ABOVE not ABROAD.
It is important to note therefore that many people abroad are not really making something big as some people at home think. In fact, many people at home earn more, live better than those of us abroad yet their demand is really weighing MR & MRS ANDREWS (those that checked out of Nigeria) down. Let it not be that “from those who don’t have, the little with them will be retrieved and added to those with more than sufficient. Please, pray for your relation abroad and write them to “REMEMBER THE SON/DAUGHTER OF WHOM HE/SHE IS.”
Let me all sound a note of warning to those of you in NIGERIA trying to sell all you have in order to travel abroad. There is nothing there for now. Put yourself together and make it better at home. It is fact that the Scripture says “A man found treasures on a plot of land, sold all he had to buy it up.” That was then not now. 1 Timothy 6:6 say “Now godliness with contentment is great gain.”
By Rotimi Oteniya

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  1. What is the reason for the mass deportation? Do the deportees have a valid visa to stay in Malaysia? What is the Nigerian Embassy in Malaysia doing about it? Your answers to the above questions can be of help. Thanks