"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

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Team JKL 4real give his Love and Time to those in Need Justin Kingland with stage name JKL aka Dr.Money was interviewed about his love,care and time to those in Need, and here what he gat to say.... Orphanage Home

What motivated you to visit an orphanage while visiting Nigeria? Actually, it was a random and unplanned trip for me. I was at the Governors office to see my uncle, for it has been more than 5 years we haven`t seen. It was the second day in Awka Anambra State of the year 2010 and while trying to decide what to do after seeing my uncle, I got a call from a Rev. Fr. who is a family friend who lived close by the neighboring town. He had called to see what I`m up to for the day and if I would like to come to his place. I did not hesitate in agreeing to come, in fact I begged to come and while driving to his place, we sighted an orphanage home sign board, I immediately called him to change the plan, because I have always wanted to visit an orphanage, it was just one of those things that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to do until that day. What orphanage did you go to? I went to the Motherless Babies Home in Awka and Nise, Nigeria. Also in Malaysia where i base i always visit the orphanage homes. What would you say are the biggest needs of these orphanages in Nigeria and other places you have been to? Orphanage Home

Biggest needs… hmm, from what I saw in the few hours I spent with the kids, I will say QT! (Quality time). You don’t even need to have money or come bearing big trunk of gifts, all these kids really want is know that people out there care, and a way to show them is by visiting and spending time with them regularly; get familiar with the kids. Bring a book or two and read to them, bring them together and teach them how to pray, let them lead the prayers, sing for them, dance for them, tell them positive stories, and dedicate couple of hours to play with them, carry them (most especially the little ones). In terms of the facility itself, I’m going on a limp here but they need people to donate their time, money, food, and maybe responsible people to adopt these kids and provide them with a good home. I heard some disturbing stories of how some people that adopted kids in the past mistreated these kids when they took them home and used them as house girls/boys, it is just sickening to say the least. What did you take away from your visit? I definitely took along with me new perspectives. You know when people say they want to adopt? You say it but that’s just something you hope to do in the future, and I was one of those people. After visiting the orphanage, I was certain more than before that it was something I wanted to do, to give a child or as many of them as I can the chance to live in a normal home and have a good future. And also that your money alone is not enough. I learned to be selfless and give what is worth more than money, which was my time. I felt filled and grateful for the life that I have, it really puts things into perspective. Do you plan to adopt one day? Absolutely! With God by my side, yes I do. I cannot wait till I get to the point where I can because i may have been doing that already. In what ways can others help especially those in the diaspora? Orphanage Home

I have asked my friends about this because they are familiar with the way organizations like these operate in Nigeria. Because of the corruption tendencies in Nigeria, I quite know how people in diaspora can help, you have to find the orphanage that needs money (keyword is need). It is so easy for people to “chop” money in an orphanage facility, so if you are in the diaspora I will advice you to hold still with the funds or items until you actually visit and investigate who needs what and who to give it to. If you are not privileged to visit, then you can find organizations in the U.S that do drives for projects like the orphanage. Other that, I don’t really advice sending money or what not to these facility without making sure your money will go into what it is you are sending it to.

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