"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Five reasons Ifeanyi Ubah can’t govern Anambra State

Ahead of the November 16 governorship polls in Anambra 
State, a socio-political group, Oganiru Anambra, has come 
out with five strong and serious reasons, the Labour Party 
candidate, Ifeanyi Ubah cannot win let alone governor 
Anambra State. 

Below are their reasons and sins of Ubah as stated by 
Chimezie Okonkwo, the leader of the Eastern-based 
association with offices in Lagos and Abuja, respectively.

“Ifeanyi Ubah is a moneybag and not an intellectual
The truth is that politics in Anambra State has gone
 beyond the inglorious era of moneybags with 
questionable sources of wealth ‘ruling’ them. Currently, 
our state, under the able leadership of Governor Peter Obi 
earnestly yearns for true intellectuals to progressively 
govern them. We do not want moneybags throwing cash 
left, right and centre all in the name of inducing and 
manipulating innocent voters.

His fraudulent cases with FG and Coscharis
Either Ubah likes it or not, his well celebrated 
case with Cosmas Maduka, boss of Coscharis Motors, 
who accused Ubah of defrauding him of several billions 
of Naira in an oil deal gone sour, is still fresh in the minds 
of NdiAnambra. We are yet to hear the last from this very 
ugly show of shame involving a man that wants to govern 
our state. Also Ubah’s embarrassing arrest and detention 
for almost two weeks by the Special Fraud Unit (SFU), Ikoyi, 
Lagos over his involvement in the infamous oil subsidy scam, 
is not good for the image of the moneybag that wants to 
govern Anambra. We won’t dwell much on this story 
because it’s an open secret. The truth is that we at Oganiru 
Anambra will not allow a man with such a big stain or dent to 
govern our state. NEVER.

AMCON’s takeover of Capital Oil and Gas
What on earth would make a moneybag that could 
not manage his own company-Capital Oil and Gas 
Industries Limited, think or believe he can successfully 
run and manage the collective wealth of NdiAnambra 
judiciously and prudently?

Ubah should first go sort himself out with AMCON, FG and 
Coscharis before dreaming of governing Anambra. It is no 
longer news that AMCON has taken over the management 
of Capital Oil and Gas due to Ubah’s backlog of debts owed 
several Nigerian banks. And this takeover will last for a period 
of two years. He should think of how to rescue his dwindling 
fortunes instead of wanting to ‘rule’ Anambra by force.

Ubah has no clear or well defined programme and 
policyAmong the leading contenders jostling for the 
soul of Anambra ahead of the November 16 governorship 
race, controversial Ubah is the only candidate without a 
clear and straight programme for NdiAnambra. Ubah should 
know that ‘ruling’ Anambra goes beyond bulldozing and 
bamboozling his way with cash and other material gifts. 
Anambra people are wiser and urgently needs a leader 
with clearly defined programmes and well outlined policies.

Anambra needs a role model as governor and not a controversial 
manWe at Oganiru Anambra strongly believes that NdiAnambra 
a role model, an intellectual and God fearing person as their 
governor and not a controversial businessman lacking in the 
above leadershipqualities. We urgently need a role model with 
an enviable character and strong pedigree in both educational 
and public lives, not a fellow with multiple controversies 
trailing his every move.

NdiAnambra, November 16 is just by the corner, please 
shine your eyes and vote wisely. All true sons and daughters 
of Anambra must make the right choice for a brighter and 
better Anambra.”

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Enugu state First Lady begs human rights groups to release her from house arrest imposed by her husband

This is a strange report. Found it on Sahara Reporters....read below....
Clara Chime, the First Lady of Enugu State, says Gov. Sullivan Chime, has placed her under house arrest, and has cried out for assistance to human rights bodies to rescue her. 
In a letter dripping with pain and suffering, Mrs. Chime (pictured above with Governor Chime) disclosed that she married Mr. Chime in Oct. 2008 but that she has been unable to share the matrimonial bed with him for over four years. Describing her desperate situation, she said that even President Goodluck Jonathan and First Lady Patience Jonathan have intervened with her husband without success.
“My father is late, my Mum and few of my siblings are confused and have done all kinds of prayers they know of, 3 of my siblings prefers me dead than to see me leave the Government house.  He treats my Mum and my siblings bad,” she wrote.

The Enugu State First Lady said she has been introduced to two psychiatrists whose names she gave as Dr. Onwukwe and Dr. Agumo, who have prescribed “all kinds of drugs that ends up keeping me acute depressed and also drives me into hallucinations.”
The doctors, she noted, are scared of her husband the Governor, to whom nobody can tell the truth.
 According to the letter, the Catholic Bishop of Enugu state (Callistus Onaga), and top priests have come to intervene, as have the President and the First Lady of the nation, without success.
Mrs. Chime further complains that Governor Chime has ordered her to leave with her four-year old son whom she conceived before their wedding.  However, the governor, according to her, later threatened to disown the boy should she leave with him.
“He has told everyone he can reach that there is no marriage between us that I can leave if I wish to but whenever I plan to leave he instructs them to lock me in.  I have told him through Sms that I will leave my son behind and leave alone but still he instructed
his securities to lock me inside the house.”
Mrs. Chime further complains she has lost touch with the real world and all that makes her beautiful because of the side effects of the drugs she is taking, stressing that she is under house arrest for committing no crime.
Of the situation in Government House, she said, “He does not take care of me personally, the government gives me allowance to run the house and that's where I save little from to take care of my elf, my Mum and few of my siblings,” she said in the letter.  He shut me out of his life years ago; I don't have access to his apartment. The problem is enormous; I don't know where to start to explain from.”
She said that even the security detail in the lodge has resorted to praying for her, while the few that can be bought with money are taking advantage of the situation.
“Police and SS men have been instructed by Br Sullivan Chime to confine me in a place for a long time now against my wish [but] it is my wish to leave these premises,” she said, begging, “Please assist me to reach to the human rights and say to them to please come hastily and release me.”

Chris Brown granted bail, assault charge reduced from felony to Misdemeanour

Chris Brown catches another break! According to TMZ, he was released a few hours ago without bail and the assault charge has been reduced from a felony, which could have landed him in prison, to a misdemeanor. He's also required to stay 100 yards away from the man he allegedly punched in D.C yesterday.

Chris, who has been in custody since the incident, had been ordered to take a drug test, but the judge vacated that order. His bodyguard's charge was also reduced to a misdemeanor.

Police officers involved in Badagry lynching get bail

According to new reports, the police officers indicted in the lynching of two innocent young men (Ifechukwudi Nwanikpor, 25, and Kazeem Onayemi, 26) in Ajara, Badagry, have been granted bail.

From Today's Telegraph
The officers were arrested due to their alleged involvement in the mob action that led to the brutal killing of the two young men as captured by various video clips which later went viral on the internet.
According to our source, Inspector Adefemi Ashogbon, Sergeant John Sanayon and seven other police officers were granted bail due to their deteriorating health in detention and were allowed to seek medical attention pending the outcome of the investigation and date of their trial.
A video recording by some bystanders exposed Inspector Adefemi Ashogbon and Sergeant John Sanayon, who were attached to the Badagry Police station, at the scene of lynching while seven others police officers were detained for allegedly planting guns on the victims and labelling them armed robbers.
Several calls were made to the Lagos state police spokesperson, Ngozi Braide, in a bid to ascertain the grant of bail. However, they went unanswered.

Kanye West planning extravangant wedding with fight jets next year

Kim K's third wedding will be as extravagant as her second wedding if her fiance Kanye has his way. Kanye, in a radio interview yesterday with Power 106's morning radio show, hinted at an extravagant wedding to take place next summer. 

When asked for a hint about his upcoming wedding, Kanye said;
"Two words: 'fighter jets'" He went further to explain "Kim knew I was eventually going to ask her to marry me. I just had to get that ring right. I worked with four different jewelers. Three rings were made and only one hit the ringer and that was Lorraine Schwartz's. 'I actually changed the ring the night before. The ring was less than four hours old when I gave it to her.'
"I wanted to marry that girl from the first time I saw her,' he said. 'Kim and I are the perfect balance.''I had to wait through a bunch of other relationships to finally get the chance"

Monday 28 October 2013

Sign Of End Time?: Mysteriously Clothed Men Show Up In Different Parts Of The World: PHOTOS:

Some Strange things has been happening in several parts of the world recently as illuminated figures where projected over Sugarloaf mountain Brazil and eleven oddly dressed men have been seen in London,Germany and Italy.
It all started with a strange bio harzard sign in Two different parts of the world and #TheWinnerTakesEarth Sign In Brazil.
First was in Rio De janeiro's Sugarloaf Mountain 
And then in New York The symbol Appeared in Times Square
London England.
And in this last weekend Eleven hooded men have been spotted all over Europian football games from Italy (Juventus) to German (Bayern Munich) and including games in England.
What do you think is going on?
READ MORE: http://news.naij.com/50788.html

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Chris Brown blasts Rihanna in new song

Last night Chris Brown released his previously unheard verse from DJ Khaled's single 'I'm Still' containing a clear and present shot at ex-girlfriend, Rihanna...

On the verse Chris raps, 
"Every nigga in the industry done fucked my b***h/ And all my niggas said I told ya/Now all these rap niggas wanna be political/Nah, f**k that I'm a real lyrical/killer"
Grow up, Chris Brown, she hasn't been with that many - only Drake, Kanye West, J.Cole, Eminem, ASAP Rocky, Ashton Kutcher, Matt Kemp, Justin Timberlake and Josh Hartnett (rumoured)... that's not everyone in the industry. *sigh* Listen to the song below...

Sesan the Skelewu video director has responded to all the hoopla.

Davido tweeted yesterday that the video we all saw wasn't the official one and someone betrayed him by releasing it. He also said he's re-shooting the video with UK based music video director Moe Musa. Sesan has responded to all the hoopla. See his statement below
My attention is drawn toward  the chaos surrounding the release of the Skelewu video .
Myself and my team shot the video for Davido in Nigeria and to the best of my knowledge my client and his team were very happy with the result, when they watched/ and approved the video. If he has since had a change of heart, that is ok. I am not in any way responsible for the release of the video. I believe Davido and myself did a very good job regarding the video production and as a professional of over 10 years. I find it very irresponsible and immature if my client and his management publicly put out false statements/comments, in an attempt to tarnish my name, credibility and reputation.
I remain dedicated, humble, focused and as hard working as ever. Thank you to all my fans and industry professionals - Stay blessed.

49 killed as Lao Airlines plane crashes into river,

A Lao Airlines plane crashed today Wednesday October 16th killing all 44 passengers and five crew members on board. The twin-engine turbo plane was on a domestic flight from the capital Vientiane to the airport in the Champasak province in the Southern Asian country when it plunged into the river as it tried to land at Pakse International Airport. Passengers from 11 different countries were in the plane including three South Koreans, seven French, one American, one Chinese, one Taiwanese, one Canadian, five Australians and two Vietnamese.

State-owned Lao Airlines issued a statement saying the small plane ran into "extreme bad weather conditions" and crashed at 4:00pm (local time).

Photo: Locals in Pakse watch as debris from the crashed Lao Airlines twin engine plane washes ashore.

Check out Iyanya's hacked twitter account direct messages

Iyanya has retrieved his Twitter account a little over a week after it was hacked and taken over by unknown people who later demanded money to give it back. The hackers used Iyanya's twitter handle to scam a few people. One girl went as far as coming to Nigeria thinking she was communicating with Iyanya *covers face* but just to protect the people involved, we won't share their DM's...just a few not so serious ones. See the DMs after the cut

You shouldn't buy my album if you're struggling: Chris Brown says

what do you think guys? He is noble thou!!! good for him.

You are a disgrace to womanhood, says Lagos State Deputy Governor to Iyanya’s dancers (Photos)

Iyanya and his dancers gave a very excellent performance not until when Lagos State Deputy Governor, Orelope Adefulire fired iyanya’s female dancers.
Read their conversation and see the photos below
Deputy Governor: I guess you are professional dancers?
Iyanya’s Dancers: Yes ma!
Deputy Governor: If you must entertain without pants on, certainly not in a gathering like this. Just see how you are disgracing and degrading womanhood. Don’t try it again.
Iyanya’s Dancers: Yes ma!
It’s not just Iyanya’s dancers that engage in this kind of indecent costumes but i hope this will serve as a warning to others. lolllzzz
See more pix after the cut:

Friday 11 October 2013

How Flavour & EM abandoned MC Loph’s mum’ -Bianka Johnson

mc loph

Like all one-sided stories/write-ups, please read with an open mind. Bianka Johnson, who is kinda in the movie industry, today sent out something she wrote about how high life crooner Flavour and Morgan Ent. CEO Emeka Morgan, supposedly abandoned MC Loph’s mother (pictured above with Bianca) after her son died in a tragic accident in 2011. Flavour and MC Loph were childhood friends while Emeka Morgan is the CEO of the record label MC Loph was signed to before his tragic passing. Find Bianca’s write up below…
My name is Bianka Johnson, I reside in the United States of America. I am from Nigeria, a healthcare practitioner, actors-manager and a goodwill citizen. Flavour Nabania didn’t make a tribute song “Iwe”, he made a mockery of his friend, the late McLoph. Below is my story.
Tragedy brought us together…. That’s how I came to know Mrs. Nwaozor, affectionately known to me as “Mama.” Back in November 2011, someone posted a tribute video, “Iwe”, by Flavor, on Facebook. On that day I distinctly remember viewing the video on YouTube and sobbing for over an hour after watching this video that paid homage to two siblings who so suddenly lost their lives. I was simply paralyzed thinking about the magnitude of grief one particular mother would have to endure. You see, Mama was the mother who lost those two adult children on the same day, specifically, a son, the erstwhile entertainer, MC Loph, and a daughter, Chinwe.
Continue, it gets more interesting… All I could think to myself is that life as we know it is so unfair. My spirit was disturbed and something, I don’t know what it was, moved within me and I set out to find this woman. It became my duty….my obligation, to find her, to hug her and give her some semblance of hope and maybe a little peace, if she would allow me to.
Mc-loph-flavorSo, I began to search for Mama. The first thing I did was to call Flavor’s promoter, Igwe, who I knew was based in Houston, Texas. I asked to speak with Flavor and he informed me that Flavor had gone to the mall, but he would make sure Flavor would call me immediately he got back. At the time, Flavor was in the United States promoting the album he had recently released. The next day Igwe called me and put Flavor on the phone. I briefly introduced myself and went straight to thank him for showing love through his tribute song to a dear friend who had lost his life. Shortly after that, I expressed to him how his video moved me to tears and how I felt compelled to find Loph’s mother. Flavor thanked me as well and gave me a telephone number to MC Loph’s close friend in Lagos who went by the name Obi Mgbakor. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that Flavor was in contact with Mama on a weekly, or at least, a monthly basis seeing as the late MC Loph and Flavor were childhood friends that grew up together. Without hesitation, I immediately called Obi Mgbakor in Lagos and introduced myself to him and requested Mama’s contact information. Obi Mgbakor was guarded at first and was reluctant to give me Mama’s number. He asked for my Facebook name so he could check out my profile. Without giving it a second thought, I provided it to him and his countenance changed after he was able to verify who I was and he even requested my friendship on Facebook. Obi Mgbakor gave me Mama’s information and I contacted her the next day and introduced myself. Mama and I spent almost an hour on the phone the first time we spoke and she narrated so much to me. Mama was heartbroken and she said that she was actually shocked Flavor was the one that made it possible for us to start communicating. Mama went further to express her disappointment over Flavor’s nonchalant attitude since the death of her son, MC Loph and her daughter Chinwe. “Flavor has not picked up the phone to call me since Obiajulu passed away, yet he made a hit tribute song on his behalf. May God be the judge,” Mama said.
Now, it must be noted that MC Loph died in a ghastly motor accident on September 14, 2011, while traveling on the Benin/Ore expressway to visit Mama with his pregnant fiancĂ© Nkiru, who survived the ordeal. The phone conversation I had with Mama was in November 2011, two months after MC Loph’s death and she said Flavor hadn’t called? Unbelievable!
Immediately I got off the phone with Mama I called Obi Mgbakor to verify what she told me. The whole thing was strange to me and I couldn’t reconcile the feelings and emotions Flavor expressed in his tribute video with the nonchalant attitude he had towards his best friend’s mother. Obi Mgbakor indeed confirmed that Flavor refused to call or visit mama after McLoph’s death.
Right now, I want to set the record straight. Since the death of Mama’s son, MC Loph, Flavor Nabania never called nor visited Mama and he never sent a dime to her for her upkeep. Flavor hasn’t made any effort to reach out to Nkiru or MC Loph’s infant son. Mama died from congestive heart failure exacerbated by heartbreak. But for the deaths of her two adult childrenat the same time, which took an enormous toll on her health, it is my belief that Mama would have lived longer. Since her death, I have read so many untrue stories including a statement made by MC Loph’s former manager, Emeka Morgan. Once again, let me set the record straight: Mr. Morgan was never responsible for Mama’s upkeep. He claimed that his record label was sending Mama thirty thousand naira a month. Mama never received thirty thousand Naira monthly from the record label and Mr Morgan never adopted MC Loph’s son nor was he responsible for the infant’s welfare as speculated by some brainless human beings. Mr. Morgan abandoned Mama as soon as the media attention surrounding her son’s death died off. Mr. Morgan till date has yet to call Nkiru, MC Loph’s fiancĂ©, to say congratulations on the birth of Loph’s son.
It is my honest belief that God brought me close to Mama after her son’s death for reasons beyond my comprehension. I took care of Mama until she died to the best of my ability. Today, I am blessed to have an extra angel watching over me. She lost two children at the same time who can never be replaced but before she died, Mama gained a grandson, a beautiful daughter in-law in Nkiru, and a daughter in me. Mama is gone, reunited with her children and I know she is at peace now. Mama will be buried on November 12, 2013. May her very gentle soul rest in peace.  

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Ice Prince FT. French Montana & Shaydee – I Swear: VIDEO

ice prince ft french montana - talkmedia Nigeria
Aboki crooner Ice Prince returns with a smashing new video for his latest single, I SWEAR featuring Bad Boy Entertainment’s French Montana.
The video was shot on location in the US by J R Saint who has shot videos for the likes of Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Game and so many others. The song produced by Chopstix also features additional vocals from EME artiste Shaydee and will be on the Fire of Zamani Album due to be released October 21st 2013.Watch video below..

Apga Flags off campaign in Grand Style: Valentine Obienyem

 The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), yesterday flagged off it governorship campaign in Anambra State in grand style amidst mammoth crowd that filled the expansive Ekwueme Sqaure, Awka.
Filled to full capacity, with even more people outside the square, Gov. Peter Obi presented the APGA candidates, Dr. Willie Obiano and Dr. Nkem Okeke to the National Chairman of the Party, Chief Victor Umeh, who in turn presented them to the people of the State. Both were accompanied by their wives.
Their impressive academic qualification and experiences were read as justification that they are worthy to be entrusted with the fate of a State.
Speaking at the rally, Chief Victor Umeh who welcomed many people that joined APGA, including Anayo Obiakor, the Chairman of Democratic People’s Party; Ifeatu Obi Okoye, the former Chairman of the PDP and former Director Mobilization of Ifeany Uba campaign; Chief Arthur Obi Nwandu, former Gubernatorial candidate of the PDP; Former House members, Hon Echezona Okechi, Hon. Obiajulu Okeke, among many others who came with their teeming members said that the major attraction of people into APGA was because Peter Obi had delivered more than any Governor in Nigeria.
They described APGA as a great party in which Dim Chukwumeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu found fulfillment serving his people. He said no good son of Igbo land will go against APGA to support any other party, especially those deporting Igbos from their states.

Describing Obi as the most faithful APGA member, who had remained committed to APGA and was instrumental towards its growth, he said that after 8 years of of governing Anambra and setting records in the development of all sectors, that it was time to replace him with another person as good as himself, who will continue with his policies. “In Willie and Nkem, we found those with the pedigree to replicate Obi’s magic in Anambra State”, Umeh said
“Gov. Obi is an exceptional Governor. He did many monumental things in the State. In Education, he returned school to the Churches and is supporting them, to rebuild the returned schools. In health, he accredited many health institutions. In road, he has built over 800 Kilometers of roads that his predecessor claims some as his. In all sectors, it is the same story”, Umeh submitted
In his own speech, Governor Obi Said that the important thing in the State today is that Anambra people elects a good person that will continue to build on the achievements of the past. Insisting that he was convinced that Dr. Willie Obiano and Dr. Nkem Okeke were the people, he called on the people of the State to vote them in and ignore those prancing about without managing their lives believing they will manage that of a State.

Obi who said he had reviewed what those that wanted to become Governors of Anambra State were promising to do, said it was what his Government had either done or is doing.
He assured that he would not relent for one moment and that he would keep working assiduously for a crime-free State. On health, he said he had been investing billions in the provision of infrastructure to be followed by the unveiling of free ante-natal care in January to be continued by APGA Government. He revealed that Primary and Secondary Education will soon be free as part of the final push, after ensuring that all the schools have teachers on all their basic subjects.

On the issue of housing, Obi said after the completion of Ngozika Phase 1 and 2 that he would flag-off the 1st phase of Mass Housing in the next four days, for civil Servant and medium income earners.

On airport issue, he said that plan for the Anambra Airport has been approved by necessary bodies and that his successor will commence and complete it.

Obi also spoke on Local Government election, assuring that it would definitely hold on 14th December and that there would be no going back.

He also promised the continued attention to sports in the State. “Everybody is aware that Anambra has no mini stadium when I was elected, but today, we have completed two at Onitsha and have flagged-off the one at Awka, which is on-going. We are also partnering with organizations that are into sports for which we are rehabilitating the Rojenny and Chuba Ikpeazu stadia. We have also resuscitated school sports and have invested half a Million in all the secondary schools in the State for sports development and have promised within the next fortnight to give additional N750, 000 to all the schools for the same purpose. .

Expressing satisfaction with the progress in Agriculture, Obi said that under his Government, farmers for the first time receive loans running into billions. To guarantee food security, he said that his government has rehabilitated the Omor Rice Mill and is working hard towards the rehabilitation of the Nkwelle Ezunaka farm.

“Before I became Governor, Anambra worked with militias, today we are working with recognized State security agencies. In Anambra a Governor was kidnapped, yet he is promising to stop kidnapping. In Anambra, we had no accredited hospitals, today it is different. We had no foreign investment, but today 3 South Africam Companies are in the State, two of them fortune 500 companies. Our schools lacked basic infrastructure, today it is different. One can go o0n and on” Obi said.
Speaking one after the other, all those that led their members to join APGA said it was because APGA was the party of the people. They all referred to what they called the wonderful work Governor Obi is doing in the State.
In his words, Ifeatu Obi Okoye said in labour party, there were euphoria, but no vision and characteras is clear in APGA.
The crowd were addressed by high ranking party officials, some of who are Dr. tom Menakaya, Dr. Okey Udeh, Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu II, among others.
Various masquerades and groups added colour to the rally.

Monday 7 October 2013

Between VP Atiku Abubakar and his daughter, Amina

This happened a few days back but it's still nice to read...:-)

Operations of Associated Airlines suspended after crash

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has suspended the operations of Associated Airlines, following the ill-fated crash that occurred on Thursday October 3rd, which killed 13 passengers.

NCAA announced the suspension yesterday Saturday October 5th via it's Director-General, Capt. Fola Akinkuotu. He said;
“Associated Airlines operations have been suspended by the NCAA. Let me say for the purpose of clarity, I said their operations, I mean all their operations of Associated Airline have been suspended by the NCAA. I did not say any certification was cancelled but all operations.”
Capt Akinkuotu explained that the suspension of the airline is to pave the way for ongoing probe into the cause of the crash.

FGN suspends Dana Air license d 3rd time..

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has suspended the operations of Dana Air...again. The suspension was announced on Sunday night October 6th by the Coordinating General Manager for the aviation parastatals, Mr. Yakubu Dati.

The NCAA said it shut Dana’s operations to enable it conduct an operational audit of the carrier and its planes. This suspension makes it the third time the NCAA would ground Dana Air over safety and other related issues since the crash of Dana flight 992 that killed over 150 passengers in June 2012.

FOA Dream Team Talent Hunt– Anambra State


 Are you a Male OR Female dancer, upcoming Rapper, singer, actor, actress, comedian, presenter or a model, do you leave in ANAMBRA STATE? The Search is now on. Taking our state youths to greater heights in entertainment.
We are coming to Anambra state for a 15-day Talent Hunt~ Host Town- Agulu.
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