"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship Benefits

1: The chief executive officer will be a special guest of honour and will be given an ample opportunity to present the awards at the evening with other top celebrities in attendance.
2: The logo of our sponsors will be strategically placed at the event’s backdrop.
3: Our sponsors will stand the chance to gain extensive publicity during our pre-show promotions on various television programs and advert.
4: A media luncheon / press conference will be organized. It will serve as a formal introduction of our sponsors and partners to the press, as all print and electronic media will be fully represented.
5: Our sponsors such as government ministries and parastatals, will gain endorsement from the indigenes as they partner with us on various projects. It is also a platform for the agencies to lunch their new products and project; this will give them the opportunity to contribute immensely to the development of their community and their political acceptance.
6: In no small measure, we will involve all our local partners in our international projects, such that there will be inter-relations in various business spheres and opportunities.
7: We will promulgate an annual collaborative pageant, that will showcase our indigenous heritage internationally and as well catapult talented individuals in our community to greater heights, all of which will be credited to the government in office.
8: Companies and good spirited individuals also have the opportunity to have their names and logos imprinted in our proposed monthly journal and brochure of various tours earmarked for the brand, FACE OF AGULU/Justin Kingland, Africa, Asia, Europe and America.
9: Our sponsors stand the chance to be properly connected with other local and internal corporations who consider us an asset and will be proud to partner with those we recommend to them.
10: We will also stand as a bridge between companies who originally did not have prior relationship and would consider new business relationships.
11: We will also create a business forum for small, medium and large scale entrepreneurs so as to create an atmosphere for productivity and growth.
There are several other open opportunities for our sponsors, which are accruable to them in the course of our prospective projects. We wish to use this medium as a clarion call to well meaning Nigerians to buy into this laudable project.

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