"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

Tuesday 25 June 2013


THESE are trying times. Our own OJB(if your like our own Quincy Jones), the man behind hit recorded masters that have established many iconic musicians is facing the challenge of his life. Nature is literately playing tricks on him. He has a serious medical challenge for which he has humbly climbed down his high horse and ask for our empathy and moral/financial support. I admire his courage and praise to the high heavens those who were able to convince him to identify with those who went public or leaked the situation to us-knowing that he is one of our own natural and creative cum productive resource. I also salute each and everyone of us who has put out him/herself to visit him or donate a widow's might. I also pray that God will help us and save us from the infernal temptation of wanting to cash on this challenge for personal gain. It is in this spirit that I say: 
1.OJB has up to this moment not received a 10th of the money he needs for the transplant. 
2. Many of the announced donations are false or at best mere promises.
3. Ruggedman has donated. 
4. Don Jazzy has made good his promise. 
5. The announcement that the N15M has been raised leading to cancellation of the Abuja concert is false and malicious. 
6. Our own OJB is still out there and the heavens will not forgive us if we leave him in the lurch. 
6. Your widow's might shall go a long way in saving one of our very best. 

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