"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

Friday 29 November 2013

Ubah Sets up Committee to Recover Vehicles, Money

The candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Chief Ifeanyi Ubah has set up a committee charged with the task of recovering all the campaign vehicles and monies he gave out to his directors, coordinators and agents in the state’s 21 local government areas, wards and the three senatorial zones during the campaigns for the election.
THISDAY checks revealed that Ubah who came fourth with 37,565 votes in the already announced results of the election was taken aback and felt aggrieved that majority of his campaign workers betrayed him and worked for rival candidates in the election.
Thus, the setting up of the committee, THISDAY learnt had caused many of these campaigns workers to go underground around the state.
For instance, a source said some of his agents went as far as negotiating with coordinators of his rivals to trade off their support for him on the election day and looked the other way while the election was allegedly being rigged to the detriment of their principal’s interest.
“Ubah was particularly peeved that these directors, coordinators and agents betrayed the trust and confidence he reposed in them,” the source said, adding that retrieving his vehicles was like a way of getting back at them.
A member of LP who craved anonymity told THISDAY in Nnewi yesterday that they have heard about the formation of the committee but felt it was a way of losing badly and a sign of political immaturity.
“It depends on what he is talking about anyway. Did his campaign workers ask him to give them bribe or vehicles to work? He voluntarily gave out vehicles and no one forced him. If he is recovering vehicles, it smacks of ingratitude because those people rendered services to him during the campaigns.
“Can he quantify their services in monetary terms except unless there was a written contract he had with those people before the election,” he said.
But the Media Director of Ifeanyi Ubah campaign organisation, Mr. Afam llouno, said what his principal did was not setting up a debt recovery committee but a general stock taking after the election, adding that “he wanted to know what happened, the area he did well and where he didn’t,”
The committee he said was in line with his principal’s avowed practice of accountability which he had been doing even before his foray into politics.
“Even when he was running his campaign organisation, he was very prudent and if you are given a task, you report back and render account of your stewardship. After the election, he called his coordinators in the wards, local governments, state and the senatorial zones to try to establish and know how things went down the line but people started blackmailing him. It is not a new thing to people that work with him except those who want to be funny,” he said.  THISDAYLIVE

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