"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

Wednesday 9 April 2014

‘If you own your oil 100%, we will take back all our land 100%’: The Lamido of Adamawa said:

It has been barely two weeks since his comments about leading his people to join the Republic of Cameroon if Nigeria disintegrates generated almost unanimous national condemnation, but it seems the Lamido of Adamawa, Dr Muhammadu Barkindo Mustapha is pretty comfortable with courting with the controversial.
On Tuesday, he told resource control advocates from the South to be prepared to forfeit their land in all parts of the North, and especially Abuja, if their long time agitation ultimately succeeded. He also warned against granting autonomy to ethnic nationalities in the country.
Have your pick of which is more controversial?
While making some remarks Tuesday on the inaugural speech by President Goodluck Jonathan to the National Conference, Dr Mustapha, who is a conference delegate as a representative of the National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria, also said monarchs should be allowed to continue in the current roles and not be assigned additional roles in any new constitution, a view contrary to that of his colleagues.
According to him, some delegates had abandoned the “real issues” that necessitated the convocation of the conference to drum for resource control. As a result, he said he was going to call for the revocation of land allocated in Abuja and other parts of the north to non-northerners, so that they will be reduced to rent paying occupants.
This were his precise words to the conference chairman, Justice Idris Kutigi.
“Mr. Chairman, I have observed that some people have started jumping the gun by commenting on issues like resource control, resource ownership, etc.
“In this case, let me also jump the gun to say that states which don’t have oil should allow the states which have oil to take a 100 percent oil revenue and states which don’t have oil should take land resource, that means ownership of land should revert to those states and anybody who wants to use the land or the structures in the land must pay rents to those states or the traditional owners of the land, for example, the FCT.”
Naturally, he was heckled and shouts of ‘point of order’ were hurled at him and the chairman. However, the Lamido was far from finished.
Commenting on calls for ethnic autonomy, Dr Mustapha said: “Mr. Chairman, we shouldn’t listen to these ethnic chauvinists because if we agree with their arguments, we will end up in a situation in Nigeria where every ethnic group will demand for the next president, governors, office, areas, emirs, obas, ministers, chairman of local government, etc.
“We better thank God that the major tribes in Nigeria are tolerant, considerate, and magnanimous, otherwise, we would have found ourselves in a different situation in Nigeria today.”
Tolerant? Magnanimous? O.k.
In other news, conference delegate Lucy Offiom, Tuesday, added her voice to a call by another woman for convicted rapists to be castrated.
Yes, you heard well. And Lucy should have her way, all wannabe rapists had better listen up.
“I am in support of the call for proper punishment for the culprits. But in addition to the call for the castration of rapists, I suggest that they should also be ostracised”.
Prominent women rights activist, Joe Oke Odumakin while calling for more stringent penalties for rape convicts, was a little more conventional.
“All those who perpetuate women violence must be ready to go for life imprisonment”
As for Offiom’s comments. her outburst threw the conference into a bit of a noisy confusion. Conference Deputy Chairman, Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi joking saying that the continued calls for male castration for rape was getting scary.
We know it is scary, so is rape.

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