"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

Wednesday 23 April 2014

400 foreign students scammed in Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: Some 400 foreign students are crying foul over a college scam that saw them lose RM8mil on a non-existent diploma programme.
The students had paid RM20,000 each in tuition fees but later found out that the college did not offer such programmes.
Student Faheem Khan, 24, said he came from India for a diploma course in cruise management at a local college as he was promised a high salary and job placement after the programme.

International undergrads cry foul over non-existent diploma programme.
“Instead of going to classes, we were sent to work at a five-star hotel for about 12 to 16 hours a day under the pretext of doing an internship,” he told a press conference organised by Tenaganita, here, yesterday.
Faheem said he filed a refund claim at the Consumer Tribunal and won the case but the private college appealed to the High Court.
“On Nov 19, the High Court upheld the decision but I am still afraid that the college might appeal again,” he said, adding that a police report against the college has been made.
Nepalese national Rojinna Risal, 22, quit her job at her home country as she thought that it was a reputable international college.


“The recruitment officer told us that we were guaranteed internship places at recognised cruise companies with salaries starting from RM4,838 to RM8,063.
“But they forced us to work at hotels instead.
“Our visas will expire soon and I am afraid that the college will get away with our money,” she said.
Tenaganita executive director Dr Irene Fernandez urged the authorities to seal the operations of the private college because it is still recruiting students from all over the world.
Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan said the ministry would investigate the allegations against the institution, reports KANG SOON CHEN.
“We do not condone such practices.
“Action will be taken against the college if the allegations are true,” he said, adding that the ministry viewed the issue seriously because it could tarnish the image of the country as an international education hub.

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