"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

Friday 4 October 2013

Jim Iyke Deliverance is an embarassment – Segun Arinze & Charles Novia

 Actor and former AGN president Segun Arinze reacted on his Blackberry. He wrote:

“This Jim Iyke’s deliverance video at the Synagogue trending looks too contrived. It’s a big embarrassment. Has anyone ever seen demons come out live and speak? Una fit stand demons? Una carry Nollywood enter Church, abi? How much did he get paid? I’m just wondering. Make una stop all these nonsense play. Haba. Stranger than fiction!
Outspoken Nollywood producer Charles Novia reacted on Twitter. See his Tweets…

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  1. well i think anyone can be delivered as for what segun says if truly God use Pastor Tb Joshua to deliver jim then segun is saying trash, GOD is GOD and anybody can be delivered..................... telling you more segun if you don't know demons speak and they maybe using you to say such words!!!!!!!