"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

Wednesday 26 February 2014

I Started To Know My Father 5 Years Ago – Clarence Peters Reveals


It is no more news that the relationship between Fuji maestro, Sir Shina Peters, and Nollywood icon, Clarion Chukwura, produced celebrated music video director, Clarence Peters. But what some may not know is that Clarence started having to relate with his father well about five years ago.
The young peters disclosed recently that it was about five years ago that he began understanding his dad’s person.
Clarence said “I started having a relationship with him five years ago. When one starts having a relationship with one’s father when one is older, one tends to understand a lot of things about him which one will not understand as a kid. I understand a lot of his mistakes; I relate with his mistakes and empathise with them. I understand where he was coming from. When we have discussions now, I understand the conversations more, which I am not sure I would have if I were still a kid.
There were no picnics or walk-in-the park stories between my father and I, but there are many things to gain and learn from his wealth of experience as an artiste and a man. Our relationship is more on the standpoint of his wealth of knowledge in the arts and as an artiste. We have an artistic relationship.”
Asked he was attracted to his father’s works “I am not attracted to my father’s body of works. I am mostly attracted to his choice of percussion and the melodies. I am enthralled by the way he does it. I think my father’s best performance for me was when I was in his house one day. There was no light and he was drinking a bottle of Gulder. He took his acoustic guitar and played for an hour. I know that he has not done his best work yet. Nigerians are ready for him to do his best work but he doesn’t believe they are ready for him. Those who know him will agree that he has not done his best work.

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