"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

"Trust in Nigeria's Future"

Monday 10 March 2014

Obi leaves N75bn; Iweala, Dangote, Achebe, others eulogise him


Governor Peter Obi says administration has N75Billion Naira in savings for Anambra State. The governor, who announced this during a public presentation of his end of tenure report, said the money included N25 billion  investment for the state.

Obi said that expected bank balances as at March 14, 2014 would be N11.5bilion Federal Government  approved refund,  N10 billion and foreign currency investment of (US$155m) N26 billion.

Obi also gave account of the investment Anambra made in some projects being executed, some of which are N3.5 billion in INTAFACT, N9b in Nigeria Independent Power Project; N4billion in Orient Petroleum Resources PLC, N1b in Onitsha Hotel; N1b in Agulu Lake Hotel; N0.9billion in Awka Shopping Mall, and N350m  in  quoted investment portfolio, among others.

The governor explained that his administration received about N620 billion and N20 billion naira from Federal Allocation and interventions from donor agencies and development partners. He noted that in spite the state’s  low revenue profile, his government completed over 801 kms of roads that gave access to all parts of Anambra and opened up rural areas. He noted that collaboration with the church transformed and repositioned the education and health sector to meet the needs of the people.


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